AM Pure Services Shares Time-Saving Laundry Hacks For Busy Individuals And Families

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Laundry may not be everyone's favorite chore, but it's a necessary part of life. Finding time to do laundry can be challenging for busy individuals and families.

However, several time-saving laundry hacks can make this task more manageable and efficient. In this article, AM Pure Services shares some easy and practical tips to help you save time and make laundry day a breeze.

Laundry Hacks for Busy Individuals and Families

Sort As You Go

The first step to saving time with your laundry is to sort your clothes as you go. Instead of tossing everything into one big pile, set up separate laundry baskets or hampers for different types of clothes.

For example, have one for whites, one for darks, and one for delicates. This way, when it's time to do the laundry, your clothes are already pre-sorted, saving you the trouble of doing it all at once.

Use Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh laundry bags are a fantastic invention for busy individuals and families. They help protect delicate items and prevent them from getting tangled up with the rest of your laundry.

Simply place your delicates or small items like socks and underwear in these bags before tossing them in the washer. This not only saves time but also helps your clothes last longer.

Choose A High-Efficiency Washing Machine

Investing in a high-efficiency washing machine can significantly reduce your laundry time. These machines use less water and detergent, which means shorter washing cycles.

Look for machines with a quick wash option so you can get your clothes cleaned in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional machines.

Pre-Treat Stains Immediately

Stains can be a laundry nightmare, especially if they've had time to set. To save time and ensure the best chance of removing stains, pre-treat them as soon as you notice them.

Keep a stain remover or a simple mixture of water and baking soda on hand and apply it to the stained area before throwing the garment in the hamper. This will make stain removal a breeze when you finally do the laundry.

Opt For Laundry Pods Or Detergent Packs

Traditional liquid or powder detergents can be messy and time-consuming to measure. Consider using laundry pods or detergent packs, which are pre-measured and ready to use.

This eliminates the need to pour or scoop detergent, saving precious seconds on laundry day.

Set A Timer

It's easy to get distracted and forget about your laundry while it's running. To avoid leaving clothes in the washer or dryer for too long, set a timer on your phone or use the timer function on your appliances.

This ensures you don't waste time re-washing or re-drying clothes sitting idle.

Wash Full Loads

Running small loads of laundry is inefficient and wastes time and resources. Wait until you have a full load before starting the washing machine.

This way, you maximize the use of water, energy, and detergent, saving time and money in the long run.

Fold And Hang Right Away

One common time-wasting mistake is letting clean laundry sit in the hamper or dryer for an extended period. To avoid this, fold and hang your clothes as soon as they dry.

This not only saves time on ironing but also keeps your laundry organized and prevents wrinkles.

Create A Laundry Schedule

A laundry schedule can help you stay organized and avoid the last-minute rush. Decide on specific days or times during the week when you'll do your laundry.

This way, you'll have a routine, and laundry won't pile up, making it easier to manage.

Teach Family Members To Help

If you're part of a busy family, make laundry a team effort. Teach your kids or other family members to sort their clothes, start the washer, or fold their laundry.

This will not only save you time but also instill a sense of responsibility in your household.

Invest In A Quality Iron

If you spend too much time ironing clothes, consider investing in a good-quality iron or a garment steamer.

These appliances can make the process much quicker and more efficient. They help you get wrinkle-free clothes in no time.

Plan Your Outfits

Planning your outfits for the week can save you time when selecting clothes to wear and doing laundry.

By knowing what you'll wear in advance, you can avoid unnecessary laundry loads and ensure you have the right clothes ready when needed.

Don't Overdo The Detergent

Too much detergent can lead to longer rinse cycles to remove all the soap. This wastes time and water. Follow the recommended detergent guidelines on your machine and the detergent packaging to ensure you're using the right amount.

Invest In A Folding Table

A folding table speeds up laundry organization by providing a dedicated space. Sorting, folding, and sock-matching become convenient tasks on the table.

It eliminates the need to bend over or use other surfaces like beds or couches.

Delegate Specific Tasks

If other household members are available, delegate specific laundry-related tasks. For instance, one person can be responsible for folding, another for hanging, and another for putting away. This division of labor can make the process more efficient.


Doing laundry doesn't have to be time-consuming and daunting, even for busy individuals and families.

AM Pure Services says you can streamline your laundry routine and free up more time for the things you enjoy by implementing the time-saving laundry hacks above.

With a little planning and organization, you can make laundry day a breeze and have clean, fresh clothes without the stress.

So, go ahead and give these hacks a try, and enjoy the extra time you'll gain in your busy life.