Alternative Uses for Bar Stools Around the Home

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The term “furniture hacks” has been around for some time, with people finding a multitude of creative ways to repurpose and adapt everyday items of furniture.

Or even non-furniture objects such as wooden ladders to create useful, aesthetically pleasing spaces in their homes.

Bar stools are no exception to the rule.

Once relegated to commercial food and drink spaces such as bars, diners, and restaurants, they were eventually brought into homes to be used for seating in kitchens with high countertops or kitchen islands.

Since then, many clever methods have been developed to take the average bar stool to new heights.

Image credit: Unsplash

The Living Room

The results you want to achieve from your specific furniture hack will depend on the style of bar stool you choose. For a great range of different styles, the range from Kasala is well worth a look. 

In this case, a simple four-legged wooden style can be used to create an additional end table in living rooms.

So long as the seat is flat, this style of bar stool can be used to display plants, place drinks, or as a charging hub for phones and other devices.


Rather than tossing your keys aside when you get home, why not use a bar stool placed near your front door as a place to drop off keys and other essential items.

That way, they’ll be readily available for when you need to leave without having to search your home each time.

Alternatively, adding a vertical hat stand to a bar stool integrates a place to set down your keys with a handy rack for hats, scarves, and coats.

Helping to keep your hallway space (and your outdoor wear) tidy and organized.

Office or Workspace

Working at a standing desk is thought to have several health benefits, including lower heart disease risk, weight gain, and blood sugar levels, as well as potentially reducing back pain and improving mood.

For home workers looking for a seated or standing option, a pedestal bar stool with a gas lift mechanism allows for versatile positioning, especially when used with a height-adjustable desk.

Alternatively, bar stools also make a great seating option for use in home art studios.


In smaller bathrooms, bar stools can be used as an additional surface to place small items both on and underneath.

The height of the bar stool not only keeps items on top within easy reach but also allows for storage space below.

Bar stools can also make for a useful place to put towels and other items so that they’re on hand once you get out of the bath or shower, or they can even be used as a mini side table for while you’re in the tub. 


If the space beside your bed is too small for a full-sized bedside table,  there is a solution.

A bar stool can provide just enough space for a lamp, a book, and your phone or alarm clock, with additional storage space underneath if you decide to add shelves. 

Another useful tip is to use an adjustable bar stool beside your vanity or dressing table.

Backless gas lift styles are ideal for this option, as these can be adjusted depending on your needs and stored underneath the vanity when not in use.