Advice For Convincing Your Partner Of Home Renovation Plans

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You can have the plans, the funds, the will, the time, and the good sense needed for a good home renovation, but the last measure of getting your partner on board could be a big ask.

This isn’t to say your partner is brittle or dismissive of your wants and needs, only a renovation is a big ask, and you have to be ready all the way to put it into practice.

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After all, depending on the scope of the renovation, you might be living in a quasi-construction site for several months before everything is finished.

Moreover, renovations dent the budget. You may just have a slight disagreement about where to renovate first, not that one should be done.

Like with any relationship, compromise and good communication will win the day.

That’s easier said than done, though. So, let’s help you with some tidbits of advice for convincing your partner of a particular renovation pursuit:

Put Together A Plan

Talk your partner through your plan, and they’ll understand exactly what you mean.

Perhaps you believe a second story addition could not only give you extra space for your growing family but also give you the chance to bring more natural light and airflow into the household.

You can showcase the quotes you’ve received from particular contractors, the material you were thinking of, and similar designs you’ve found online that would work with the house. 

Show them the estimated timeline and budgetary cost, and plans you might put in place, such as living at your sibling’s for two weeks while your kitchen or bathroom is torn out.

At the very least, vague conviction won’t be the issue your partner takes, but specifics with the plan that can be adjusted from then on.


Your partner might not think that a brand-new jacuzzi tub and heated bathroom floors are the priority right now. Perhaps they’re not. But you may be able to compromise with some healthy planning.

For example, you might agree that as your child is getting older, they could really do with a room renovation as opposed to a sparse yet cozy space for their crib.

Perhaps you can agree to focus on that first, and then enjoy your space-age en-suite later on down the lown, replete with the best power shower you’ve ever seen.

This timeline allows you to plan, year on year, what your home budget may help with.

Money Talks

A renovation isn’t always an investment in your general daily living comfort, but also your most valuable asset, which is for most people the house they own.

It could be that if house prices are appreciating in your area, now is a fantastic time to invest more, to rectify certain issues, and to put your stamp on the property.

Perhaps this could raise your home valuation by a healthy amount more than you had considered.

Your investment might even help you delay the need to move like you had planned to, which saves you money but also improves your chance of finding a better house when you do decide on a change of scenery.

As you can see, renovations are a good financial investment, not just a laundry list of added household features to use.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to convince your partner of those renovation plans. Just make sure to listen in kind if they try the same approach with you.