A 1970s-Inspired Wedding: A Guide to the Perfect Day

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Welcome to a celebration that transcends time, where the echoes of disco beats and the groovy spirit of the '70s come together in a kaleidoscope of love and nostalgia.

Today, we invite you to step back in time and immerse yourselves in the vibrant era that brought us bell-bottoms, flower power, and the unmistakable charm of the disco ball.

In this journey through the past, we gather to witness the union of two souls amidst the retro glamour and timeless vibes of a 1970s-themed wedding.

So, dust off your platform shoes, embrace the bohemian spirit, and dance to the rhythm of love as we embark on this unforgettable journey down memory lane.

Welcome to a wedding where the past meets the present in a celebration of love that transcends decades—a' 70s-inspired extravaganza that promises to be as unique and timeless as the love it commemorates.

1970s-Inspired Wedding
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Decorating for a '70s retro-inspired wedding involves infusing the venue with that era's vibrant, eclectic, and groovy styles.

Here are detailed ideas to help you create the perfect atmosphere:

1970s-Inspired Wedding Venue Decor

Color Scheme

Embrace bold and earthy tones such as avocado green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, and brown. Use these colors for tablecloths, chair covers, and other fabric elements.

Earth Tones

  • Use avocado green for bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths, and floral arrangements.
  • Incorporate burnt orange details like napkin ribbons, chair sashes, and groomsmen accessories.
1970s-Inspired Wedding
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Table Settings

Tablecloths and Runners

  • Choose tablecloths in bold prints or solid earthy colors.
  • Consider using runners with geometric patterns.


  • Use vintage items like lava lamps, and retro vases with colorful flowers.
  • Add disco ball accents for a touch of glamour.
  • Use vintage record players as unique table centerpieces.
  • Stack vinyl records and place flowers or candles in the center for added charm.

Place Settings

  • Opt for colorful and mismatched vintage dinnerware or melamine plates.
  • Use napkin holders with a funky design.
1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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  • Disco Ball: Hang a large disco ball above the dance floor. You can also use smaller ones as table centerpieces.
  • String Lights: Decorate the venue with string lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Colored Bulbs: Replace standard light bulbs with colored ones to add a playful and retro vibe.
  • Lava Lamps: Place lava lamps on tables or around the venue to add a mesmerizing and colorful glow. Opt for different sizes and colors for a varied visual impact.

1970s-inspired wedding Wall Decor

  • Vintage Posters: Adorn the walls with posters of iconic '70s bands, movies, or pop culture references.
  • Mirror Tiles: Create an accent wall with mirror tiles to capture the disco aesthetic.
  • Wall Hangings: Incorporate macramé wall hangings, beaded curtains, or tapestries with retro patterns to add texture and visual interest.

Floral Arrangements

  • Wildflowers: Choose bouquets and floral arrangements with wildflowers in vibrant colors.
  • Funky Vases: Place flowers in vintage vases with psychedelic or geometric designs.


  • Retro Fonts: Use retro-inspired fonts for signage, table numbers, and other written elements.
  • Directional Signs: Create signs with arrows or psychedelic designs to guide guests.

Dance Floor

  • Vinyl Decals: If the venue allows, consider placing vinyl decals on the dance floor, resembling records or funky patterns.
  • Colored Spotlights: Use colored spotlights to illuminate the dance floor, adding to the disco theme.
  • Disco Ball: Hang a disco ball above the dance floor to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.
1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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Vintage Seating and Lounge Areas

  • Retro Furniture: Set up lounge areas with vintage sofas, bean bags, and low tables.
  • If possible, select chairs with a retro design, such as those with curved backs or futuristic shapes.
  • Floor Cushions: Add floor cushions with bold patterns and psychedelic patterns to encourage a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Wedding Cake and Dessert Table

  • Tie-Dye Cake or Psychedelic Design: Choose a wedding cake with tie-dye fondant or psychedelic decorations.
  • Candy Buffet: Set up a candy buffet with retro sweets and treats for guests to enjoy.
  • Vintage Cake Toppers: Look for cake toppers that represent the '70s, such as mini vinyl records or a love-themed disco ball.
1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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  • Retro Souvenirs: Give guests retro-inspired favors like mini lava lamps, personalized disco ball keychains, or vintage-style record coasters.
  • Vinyl Record Coasters: Provide guests with personalized vinyl record coasters as both a functional and nostalgic favor. Package them in retro-style favor bags or boxes.
  • Sunglasses and Headbands: Offer guests funky sunglasses or headbands that they can wear during the celebration. Consider customizing them with the wedding date or a '70s-inspired logo.
1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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Photo Booth

  • Backdrop: Use a backdrop with bold patterns or metallic finishes to create an authentic '70s vibe.
  • Props and Costumes
    • Provide a variety of props such as disco wigs, oversized sunglasses, and vintage hats.
    • Set up a backdrop with '70s-inspired patterns or colors.
  • Polaroid Cameras
    • Place Polaroid cameras with film on each table for guests to capture candid moments.
    • Provide a designated area for guests to pin their Polaroids on a retro-style board.

Overall Atmosphere

  • Classic '70s Hits: Include iconic '70s songs from artists like ABBA, Bee Gees, Queen, and Donna Summer. Consider a live band that specializes in '70s covers for a dynamic experience.
  • Dance Floor Lights: Use colorful LED lights or a lighted dance floor to recreate the disco feel. Include a mirror ball effect for that authentic disco ambiance.
  • Fragrance: To enhance the sensory experience, consider using scents reminiscent of the '70s, such as patchouli or sandalwood.

By combining these elements, you can create a 1970s-inspired wedding that captures the essence of the era and provides a memorable experience for both you and your guests.

1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding Bridal Attire

Bohemian Dresses

  • Look for wedding dresses with lace details, bell sleeves, and a flowy silhouette.
  • Accessorize with a flower crown or a wide-brimmed hat for a bohemian touch.


  • Grooms and groomsmen can wear suits with wide-legged pants and wide-collared shirts.
  • Add colorful suspenders or statement belts for a '70s flair.

Maxi Dresses

  • Bridesmaids can wear long maxi dresses with floral or paisley prints.
  • Add platform shoes or bohemian-style sandals to complete the look.
1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding Food and Drinks

Fondue Station

  • Set up a fondue station with cheese, chocolate, and savory options for guests to enjoy.
  • Provide a variety of dippables, such as bread, vegetables, and fruits.

Signature Cocktails

  • Create cocktails inspired by the '70s, such as the Harvey Wallbanger or Tequila Sunrise.
  • Serve drinks in retro glassware with colorful straws.

Gelatin Desserts

  • Offer gelatin desserts in vibrant colors and unique shapes.
  • Incorporate fruits, nuts, and whipped cream for added '70s charm.
1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-inspired wedding Invitations

Retro Fonts and Graphics

  • Use fonts reminiscent of '70s typography and colorful graphics on invitations.
  • Consider incorporating floral or psychedelic patterns in the design.

Vintage Stamps

  • Use vintage postage stamps featuring popular '70s themes or motifs.
  • Coordinate stamp designs with the overall color scheme.

By incorporating these detailed ideas into your 1970s-inspired wedding, you can create a truly immersive and memorable experience for both you and your guests.

As the final notes of the '70s hits fade away and the disco ball continues to spin its glittering magic, we find ourselves at the culmination of a truly remarkable journey through time.

This 1970s-inspired wedding has been more than just an event; it's been a captivating fusion of nostalgia, love, and the enduring spirit of an iconic era.

At the heart of this celebration, we witnessed the vibrant colors, bold prints, and unmistakable fashion that defined the '70s.

From the bohemian bridal gowns to the bell-bottom-clad groomsmen, every detail transported us to a time when love was free-spirited and dancing was a declaration of joy.

The venue, adorned with disco balls, lava lamps, and vintage posters, became a time capsule of the past, recreating the eclectic charm of the '70s.

The dance floor, illuminated by the mesmerizing glow of colored lights, echoed with laughter and the sounds of classic hits that brought generations together.

The thoughtful details, from tie-dye wedding cakes to vinyl record coasters, added a personal touch, making this celebration not just a wedding but a uniquely crafted experience.

The retro-inspired photo booth with its funky props captured moments of joy, laughter, and shared memories, creating lasting snapshots of a day that transcended time.

1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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1970s-Inspired Wedding
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As we bid farewell to this enchanting journey through the '70s, let us carry the spirit of love and nostalgia with us.

May the echoes of disco beats linger in our hearts, reminding us that love, much like the timeless melodies of the past, continues to inspire and transcend the boundaries of time.

In this celebration of love, we rediscovered the magic of an era that celebrated individuality, freedom, and the power of togetherness.

So, let the vibrant memories of this 1970s-inspired wedding linger, and may the echoes of the past continue to dance through the hearts of the newlyweds and all who shared in this groovy celebration of love.