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Pastel Pink Scandinavian Interiors for a Hygge Home Experience

Pinterest Crush: Pastel Pink Scandinavian Interiors

With the comeback of all things retro and a strong reference to the ‘70s color schemes, pastels are back in a big way, promising sweet interior pleasures year around.

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Not Your Usual Top 10 Kids' Room Trends for 2019 - SampleBoard Blog

Not Your Usual Top 10 Kids’ Room Trends for 2019

Let’s explore how rediscovered self-awareness and creativity manifests in kids’ interior trends for 2019, enjoy the most beautiful kids’ rooms across the world, and finally, discover inspiring boy’s and girl’s mood board concepts made with SampleBoard.

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Inspiring Designs: New York Penthouses | SampleBoard

Inspiring Designs: New York Penthouses

We bet the people who live at the top of New York City’s high-rises have all the money in the world to turn their homes into an actual veritable paradise, but there is more to design than just throwing some money at a blank canvass. Great design also requires innovation and imagination, and these three New York City penthouses…

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Gen Z Yellow and Millennial Pink: Trending Interior Color Combo - SampleBoard Blog

Gen Z Yellow and Millennial Pink: Trending Interior Color Combo

We saw Gen Z Yellow spring to life last year when over-saturation of Millennial Pink started to become evident. However, the generational shift brought by Gen Z Yellow was by no means exclusive. Despite many differences between the two generations, Millennials’ and Gen Z’s color favorites found a way to play together and…

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Is Peach the New Millennial Pink? - SampleBoard Inspiration Board

Is Peach the New Millennial Pink?

Mood boarders and Pinterest junkies by heart, we love scouting trends and talking color with you here on the blog and on Instagram, and today we have a pleasure of announcing yet another fascinating design craze in the making - Peach!

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