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Summer 2018 Interior Design Trend | Iberian Spirit - SampleBoard Blog

Summer 2018 Interior Design Trend | Iberian Spirit

Fresh summer look with a hint of nostalgic familiarity - what's not to love about this high summer trend of 2018?

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How to brand your interior design business like a pro - everything you need to know

How to Brand Your Interior Design Business Like a Pro

Your work is top-notch, but you are still struggling to score enough interior design clients. To make things even worse, the ones that stick around are often a nightmare to work with. It’s just the way things are when you are working with people, or is it?

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Marrakech - The Style Mecca for 2018 - SampleBoard blog

Marrakech – The Style Mecca for 2018

As it seems, each summer the fashion industry’s most influential bloggers set their sails to the very same destination on their quest for exceptional photo shoot locations, networking and job opportunities. And this year, Marrakech is about to become the Style Mecca of the World.

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rust color trend

Rust Color Trend and How to Use It in Interiors

Rust seems to be raising in popularity rapidly these last few months and is now popping up everywhere from fashion to interior design. But where did it come from and why is everyone becoming so obsessed with this rich, retro shade? Let's find out!

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Bacon Bits is turning The Room Co. by Maja - Design Interview on SampleBoard Blog

Bacon Bits is turning The Room Co. by Maja

Remember Maja from Bacon Bits Interiors? Yes, yes! The girl with the warmest smile and gorgeous mood boards she’s been designing using SampleBoard all these years. Well, Maja has something exciting to share with us today!

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