7 Ways To Save Energy As a Real Estate Business

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Unlocking doors to beautiful new homes for clients means having access to quality service providers and good competitive prices. The UK has the benefit of a myriad of energy providers, and there are ones that cater specifically to the needs of businesses.

The right energy provider can make your business operations easier, and as a real estate business, dealing in property means knowing more about property Management Energy Deals.

If you're looking for tips on how to save energy in your real estate business, read on!

Ways you can save energy and money in the property real estate business

Whether you're running a small real estate business or managing a large team, saving energy will help your bottom line and the environment. 

1. Go paperless

The easiest way to be more energy efficient is to reduce your use of paper. Business cards and property portfolios don't have to be printed out; send them to your prospective clients in digital format and formalise the whole process through online systems.

Getting client documents for purposes of facilitating property sales requires a mountain of paperwork. Instead of having files in your real estate offices, have digital files for each property and client, reducing your printing costs, paper use, and carbon footprint.

If you have a printer and need to keep it, replace it with an energy-saving model. New printers have multi-functioning capabilities and power-saving modes, allowing them to go to ‘sleep’ when they are not in use.

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2. Green interior design

As a real estate business owner or agent, you will be entertaining clients at your offices, whether it is for a meet and greet or after you’ve hit the jackpot with that high-valued property sale!

When your clients attend your offices, serving them in the best environment contributes to your professionalism, so set up your office with green statement walls made of plants, and welcome them into a space that shows your energy and forward-thinking.

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3. Switch to energy-efficient office appliances

Whether it is decorative or more business focussed, your appliances contribute to your energy use, and upgrading to new appliances will guarantee savings on energy. This extends to your office bathrooms.

Leaking taps and toilets adds to your water bill as electricity is required to heat water, and water and sewerage add to your electricity bill.

By fixing leaking taps and replacing equipment and appliances, you can save water and electricity.

4. Install solar panels

When you install solar panels, they'll create electricity for your business, ensuring you are never enveloped in darkness when you are busy with your property deals!

The cost of installing a solar panel system depends on several factors, including:

  • How much electricity do you need?
  • Where is the best place for your panels?
  • Do you want to sell extra electricity back to the utility company?

These questions can be answered by seeking the advice of professionals dealing with various energy suppliers, and all you need to do is decide to go greener!

5. Use energy-efficient lighting throughout your real estate office

You can save money and the environment by using energy-efficient lighting in your office for those late nights putting together property portfolios.

LED lights have a longer lifespan than other lighting forms and use less energy. They also provide more natural light, which can help boost employee productivity.

Installing LED lights will save on your electricity bill over time.

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6. Install dimmers on lighting switches

One of the best things you can do is install dimmers on lighting switches. 

Dimmers are switches that allow you to control the brightness of lights. If they're installed correctly and used consistently, they can save a lot of money on electricity bills over time.

You can set them up so that when someone turns off their light or fan with a dimmer switch, it automatically goes out after a certain amount of time has passed (for example, 5 minutes). 

Dimmers usually need an electrician's help if you want them installed properly; however, once they're set up properly, there shouldn't be any issues with using them regularly at home or work!

6. Plant trees 

Your real estate offices should be a haven where prospective clients see your taste and appreciate your green-nurturing side!

Plant trees around your office building - this will give shade in summer but let in warmth in winter. 

Trees can help cool the building by shading the exterior walls, which reduces moisture and heat gain from sunlight, therefore creating comfortable office temperatures and reducing energy costs. 

7. Switch Utility Providers

Saving money on business expenses starts with trying a greener energy provider.

In exploring, find suppliers that provide green power plans and have sustainable initiatives as part of their business practices.

By using renewable sources, including solar and wind, green energy providers could offer your business energy-efficient solutions to save you money, increase your productivity (by not being susceptible to scheduled blackouts), and allow you to be more environmentally friendly as a real estate business.


There are tons of ways to save energy in your real estate office. Whether it is short-term or long-term solutions, you are making a difference to the environment and your monthly expenses. Sign the deal of a lifetime with the best energy supplier for your business, and save money too.