6 Most Popular Lighting Trends for 2017

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Although many people don’t consider lighting as an integral part of interior design, it is very important architectural and design element that can change the whole look of your home. And just like in fashion, there are trends in lighting design that change regularly and that determinate both functionality and the look of the lighting fixtures. So here are 6 of the most popular lighting trends for this year.

Mix those metals

Another big trend is mixed metals in light fixtures. Metals are being widely used in light fixtures for some time now, especially metals in brass and gold colors, but now it has become modern to mix different metals together and experiment with them. And since nickel and silver are coming back in style, too, many designers are mixing brass with silver and other metals and creating light fixtures for their newest collections to achieve trendy and unique look to their pieces and to the homes, where these lamps are displayed.

Geometry is the way to go

Lighting fixtures in geometric shapes and with other geometric elements are becoming more and more popular. For example, you can buy light fixtures in spherical, hexagonal and cylindrical forms or lamps with these shapes incorporated into their design. Geometric cage-like light sources are especially trendy right now. And since they are not just an artistic design element, but also a very functional light fixtures that are able to provide illumination even to large spaces, maybe these types of lights are just the piece that is missing from your interior design.

Lighting Fixtures

Go smart

But lighting trends are not limited to shapes, colors and materials. The basic structure of light sources is changing, too. Now smart light bulbs are all the buzz in lighting industry, just like solar lights were a couple of years ago. These smart LED bulbs were already introduced in 2016, but in 2017 they will become a must-have for any modern household. Smart LED lamps have many cool features. For example, you can change the color of the light that these bulbs emit and some of them even have built-in speakers. On top of that, smart lighting has efficiency increasing features, too, such as scheduling and automation, which can be controlled using a smartphone, so you might never have to get up and flip a switch to turn on a light ever again, if you get smart lights.

Color me terracotta

Probably the greatest overall interior design trend for 2017 is usage of materials in warm colors such as terracotta. Actually, this trend is somewhat making a comeback, because it was popular in 80s, but instead of using traditional border tiles like it was done in the past, natural matte finishes are introduced. And designers are even incorporating these warmer materials in light fixtures now. For example, clay pendant lamps in terracotta color will be great additions to almost any interior and will look especially great in your kitchen or bathroom.

Edison Bulb Lighting

Edison is back in style

As all kind of retro and vintage elements are being used in interior design, retro light sources are also a huge trend right now. Edison style bulbs provide warm and unique look to your space, while not outshine other elements of your interior. So you can use Edison bulbs in every room of your home. And, since there are both indecent and LED Edison type bulbs available for purchase, you don’t have to worry about huge electricity consumption from using such an old concept bulbs.

LEDs lead the way

And, lastly, LEDs will also dominate in lighting industry in 2017. They are already becoming more and more popular, and since a price drop for LED bulbs is predicted this year, too, thanks to the rapid innovations that are happening in the LED industry, this year might be the year, when most people switch to LED lights. Additionally, LEDs are superior to other bulbs in many ways – they are incredibly energy efficient, have a long lifespan, are environmentally friendly etc., so there is no question why you, too, should switch to LEDs.

Modern yet efficient lighting is very important for home design, since it will ensure that your home is properly illuminated and looks stylish. And these lighting trends can help you achieve that. So weather you change up the color of your light fixtures or make fundamental changes in your lighting by investing in LED bulbs or smart lighting, use this lighting trend guide to make sure that your lights are trendy and in vogue.