5 Tips for Decorating Your Home with an Elevator

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A personalized elevator can offer you reliable service for many decades.

Routine care and assessments can ensure that residential elevators function safely and efficiently for 35 to 45 years.

It's not rare to find elevators that have been consistently well-maintained still operating smoothly even after 50 years. 

Wear and tear can affect an elevator's mechanical components and aesthetic look over time. When this occurs, thinking about modernizing your elevator may be necessary.

Here are tips for decorating your home with an elevator.

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Consider the Noise

While the visual aspect of interior design often garners the most attention, remember that our other senses also significantly enhance our home living experience.

For instance, sound is an important element, especially when purchasing machinery such as an elevator.

When finalizing your selection, ensure your chosen model doesn't produce excessive noise during operation.

It's easy to assume all elevators maintain a quiet operation during the day but remember that ambient sounds can seem amplified during the quiet of the night when you're trying to sleep.

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Construct Around Your Location

Whether constructing a new home or integrating an elevator into an existing one, identify all potential locations for the lift.

After pinpointing these spots, visualize the elevator in these areas and the surrounding space.

Consider aspects such as the direction of the door opening, the placement of furniture around the lift, and the aesthetics of nearby windows or wall art.

While the focus might be on the new elevator, the environment encapsulating it is equally significant in setting the right tone with your interior design.

Lighting is vital in enhancing the beauty of a home.

As you select the appropriate residential elevators for your house and the installation spot for your home, remember the impact of natural light in and around it.

If you opt for a glass-walled model, the natural light streaming in from adjacent windows can create a spectacular effect as the sun traverses the sky.

Make a Mark or Blend In

Your style and identity may dictate whether you want your home elevator to subtly blend with the decor or make a bold artistic statement.

No matter where your preferences lie, our residential lifts offer many customization options to reflect your unique taste.

Whether you prefer a minimalist design with clean, sleek lines or vibrant color palettes with intricate patterns, the decision is yours.

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Find Your Personal Style

The journey of home decoration begins with discovering your personal style.

It's not common to view a home elevator as an element that requires styling, but this notion is far from accurate.

The visual appeal of your elevator can be manipulated in numerous ways, including altering the floor design, opting for tinted glass or traditional shaft walls, choosing a specific color scheme, and so on.

Elevators offer a wide array of customizable features, ensuring the model you select is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Check the Compliance

Elevators installed in the past are often not subject to current regulations since they were implemented before these rules took effect.

Modernizing your elevator can be updated to conform to the latest  - standards, offering you a sense of security and potentially contributing to the resale value of your home should you decide to sell.

Modernization can rejuvenate the functionality and aesthetic of your home's elevator.


Crafting your elevator should follow a process akin to the one used for designing any other space in your home.

A home elevator service in your vicinity will assess the space you have at your disposal, guide you through the various options, and offer suggestions to ensure your elevator is both functional and aesthetically pleasing within the given space.