4 Tips to Add Black to Your White Interior Design

Author: Rachel

There are fewer color combinations that are more elegant than black and white. This elegant color combination for your home interior design can dramatically alter the ambiance and appearance of a room. In particular, the black and white color scheme is especially popular for bedroom interior design. If you are interested in decorating your bedroom in a black and white color combination, then here are a few of our favorite black and white decorating ideas and tips!

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mood board created on www.sampleboard.com

1) Beginning with your walls, it will not be necessary for you to paint your walls in either black or white alone. For example, consider painting three of your walls white and one black as an accent wall. There are also numerous wallpapers and stencils available that feature interesting black and white damask patterns. Likewise, black wall decals may be used to liven up white walls. Of course, any combination of paint, wall decals, and wallpaper may be used to create the effect you are looking for.

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2) If you are going to create a cohesive black and white room, then it is going to be necessary to take the furniture into account as well. Furniture may be painted in any combination of black and white or a single, solid color. The trick to successfully painting your furniture in black and white is to avoid choosing a pattern or paint color scheme that is too busy. Do not forget to include the bed frame, headboard, and window frames of your bedroom.

3) Accessories and bedding are the areas of a black and white room in which you can have the most fun! From lighting to rugs to bedding, there will be a number of fun options and patterns for you to choose from. For example, a black and crystal chandelier are extremely elegant, and they can provide an interesting focal point for your bedroom. Black and white curtains and area rugs will be available in a number of eye catching designs. As with the furniture, you should avoid choosing bedding and accessories that feature busy patterns.

Finally, when you are decorating a black and white bedroom, you will need to take into account the accent colors that you will be using throughout the space. It is important for you to restrict yourself to one or two bright accent colors that will be used sparsely throughout the room. These accent colors should be used sparsely, because any color within a black and white bedroom is going to stick out dramatically!

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