4 Common Types of Gate Repairs

Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by SampleBoard

If you install a fence somewhere, whether it’s around your private residence or place of business, it’s more than likely that fence will have a gate in it somewhere. You’ll use the gate to enter and exit the fenced-in area. Much like the fence itself, the gate should be in good repair if you’re going to get the full amount of use from it.

You can always look into gate fabrication if you need a gate for your fence. You might also have an existing gate that you need to have repaired. That can sometimes prove to be more cost-effective than ordering a new one, so let’s talk about some of the more common types of gate repairs right now.

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The Hinges

Most gates are constructed with hinges. The hinges are what allow the gate to open and close smoothly. Sometimes, though, time or the elements cause a situation where the hinges of your gate are not operating like they once did.

Replacing the hinges of your gate could be necessary. This is usually not a very costly fix since the integrity of the gate is still maintained.

Issues with the Metal Track

Depending on what type of gate you have, you might have a variety that runs on a metal track. That track is what guides the gate as it opens and closes. Not all gates have tracks, but the ones that do need those tracks to continue operating at peak efficiency.

Over time, that metal track can rust or warp. If that happens, you’ll need to either get it replaced or have it modified. The company that created and installed the gate and its track can usually do that, though you may have to hire a different company if the original one is no longer in operation.

Integrity Issues

You might have a situation where the substance that composes the majority of the gate is not as new as it used to be. For instance, maybe you have iron bars that have been in place for several years or even decades.

Something like cast iron bars should retain their integrity for many years, but even cast iron can weaken over time. If some of those bars become damaged or bent, you might need to replace them or hire a company that can straighten them.

Issues with the Opener

If you have a gate that swings open on a metal track, you might eventually reach a point where the gate is still operational, but the opening mechanism isn’t functioning correctly anymore. That can be due to an electrical short or something similar.

Having a gate opener that works every time you press it is crucial. If the gate won’t open when you need it to, then it defeats the purpose of having one.

You may need to hire an electrician to help you with this issue. The company that installed the gate should know how to repair it, so it makes sense to get in touch with them expediently.