13 Effective Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Property

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Building, buying, and owning a house is more than just an emotional experience. It is also a financial decision that can pay off in the long run.

The value of your property is mostly affected by various factors, including the local housing demand and the overall performance of the economy.

However, homeowners who look to increase the value of their housing property over time by making modifications and repairs that boost its attractiveness deserve a higher selling price.

In navigating the journey of property enhancement and eventual sale, some homeowners turn to house-buying fast-cash services for a quick, hassle-free transaction.

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In a published report, 46% of homeowners say the value of their homes has increased a lot in recent years.  

Discover effective strategies to boost your property's value with 13 actionable tips.

This insightful guide covers everything from minor upgrades to significant renovations, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean and inviting home.

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Whether you're decluttering, enhancing energy efficiency, or revamping outdoor spaces, these recommendations are designed to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, ultimately increasing its market value.

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A Consideration for Property Value

Boosting your property's value involves more than aesthetics; it also addresses potential issues like flea infestations. Knowing when fleas are most active is crucial for effective prevention.

Fleas thrive in warm and humid conditions, making spring and summer peak activity periods.
Potential buyers are often concerned about pest problems; fleas can be a significant deterrent.

To maintain your property's value, taking preventive measures against fleas is essential. Regularly treat your pets, clean your home, and keep your yard to minimize flea activity.

By addressing when fleas are most active, you can protect your property's value and appeal to potential buyers.

Here are some tips that can help you boost your property value.

1. You can declutter and clear out your home

You can start by reducing the number of items in your home to increase its worth. Even in larger homes, cleaning and decluttering are generally easy jobs that can be done by homeowners themselves.

HomeAdvisor says the cost of professional cleaning a four-bedroom house is between $200 and $225. Making sure to complete the work yourself might save you money.

Also,  cleaning through cupboards and closets and sorting items into donation piles is a good way to go through this process of decluttering.

Then go through your drawers, cabinets, and other storage spaces and ensure you are not keeping anything that is not of need to you. 

2. Improve the energy efficiency of your house

Lowering utility costs is an excellent method you can adapt to raise the value of your property. You can install a smart thermostat, for instance. This improves efficiency and saves money.

The correct thermostat will allow you to regulate the house's environment from anywhere. This makes it easier to manage energy bills, whether you are at home resting on the sofa or out on vacation.

Such investments in home technology, particularly when linked to the HVAC system can create a powerful selling point and highlight the home’s functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency.

Other methods that can help to increase the efficiency and value of your home include:

  • Installing energy-efficient home appliances
  • Replacing outdated leaky windows
  • Adding more insulation to your property

3. Create a usable outdoor space

People’s yearning for outdoor space increased as a result of the pandemic. Adding an extended outdoor space to your house may be a great way to boost the value of your property.

One way to achieve this is by building an elevated terrace, deck, or patio with hardwood decking timber, which may provide spectacular vistas and usable outdoor leisure, relaxation, and entertainment areas.

It is also a way to increase the market value of the property which is an advantage if you plan to sell your property soon.

Building and attaching a patio is an excellent way to improve the home’s curb appeal without requiring the homeowner to make extra financial or time commitments to the project.

This is due to the fact that these extensions may be done in the backyard of the property. 

4. Improve the indoor air quality of your home

The air quality outside of your home is something you do not have under your control. However, this isn’t so for your home.

This means you can decide how fresh your indoor air is, so feel free to consider this.

For starters, it might be the perfect time to get some help for your HVAC repair needs. An efficient heating and cooling system ensures complete circulation of fresh air, free from toxins.

Also, you should note that older carpets in your house may harbor toxins and bacteria that may give off bad smells.

The first step in determining if they need to be replaced is to engage an expert to analyze the indoor air quality. If the findings show that your carpets must be changed, invest in natural options such as floor tiles.

Hard surface flooring is easier to maintain and does not harbor any odors, making your property’s appearance look great and more appealing to buyers. 

5. Give your kitchen a new look

Many buyers focus on the kitchen as the most important part of the building or property, so if yours is outdated, it may affect how much you get from a sale.

Similarly, you cannot properly utilize your kitchen due to layout, size, or other issues. Kitchen improvements are necessary to increase the value of your property.

You could start by replacing only one item with new steel versions, such as a filthy sink or an old microwave.

Even little kitchen upgrades can significantly increase the value of your property, so feel free to consider making minor upgrades, as this comes with a greater return on investment. 

6. Maintain and repair your house regularly

Making a list of anything damaged or needing a repair as you go through your house/ minor fixes may not seem essential in and of themselves.

Yet, if every room has just one item spoilt, those minor things will add up to give the appearance and impression that your property has been neglected and not well taken care of. 

If you cannot do the repairs on your own or by yourself, hire a handyman for the day and watch your to-do list vanish.

Keeping up with upkeep today prevents complications later if you decide to sell your property. 

7. Visually increase the square footage of your home 

The size of your property greatly affects its value, but square footage is not the only space that matters. Visual space, or how spacious a property seems, is also important.

The main objective is to make every space in your property appear larger.

This can be done by allowing enough light into the building. To allow light in, replace heavy closed curtains with vertical blinds or shutters- a bright room feels wider and more open.

Installing a single giant mirror may also be used to double the area in the room.

Finally, getting rid of unnecessary things you do not need anymore can also increase the space on your property. The more furniture and old stuff you have in a space, the more crowded it will seem.

So do well to remove what you don’t need. While at it, add an appealing shelf unit to an underutilized space. 

8. Repair and repainting of exterior walls

Your property’s exterior is the first thing a potential buyer will notice once they approach your building, so make sure it looks great both inside and out.

Properties that are old, and unattractive will not be considered. There is nothing like applying a fresh coat of paint to make your home appear more modern, fresh, and universally appealing.

However, avoid painting your property with extremely strong and outstanding colors, or else you will make your home stand out for all the wrong reasons.

You can consider talking to a real estate agent before you start painting your house. They can help you get the right choice of color for your building.

In addition to painting your property, you should inspect the outside for apparent indications of damage. Weatherboard walls may have panels that may need to be replaced.

Small gaps in brick may require new mortar, while loose and weak walls may require new concrete to fill in gaps.

These minor enhancements will make your house appear brand new and increase its worth without needing substantial restoration. 

9. Clear the lawn

Having overgrown or uneven lawns and overgrown shrubs can draw attention to your property in a negative way. The good thing is that dealing with the bushes requires just a simple solution.

Hire a lawn service provider to trim your grass and shape your hedges for a few hundred dollars. Your curb appeal will move from unkept to well-kept without breaking the bank.

10. Yard lighting and landscaping 

Buyers love a nicely groomed yard; improving yours is not too expensive if you have the space. The yard of a house is seen to be a good predictor of the whole amount of work and effort put into the property.

Do well to remove dead plants, and unkept garden yards as these can be a turn-off to a potential buyer  Investing in new soil, grass and plants, ground cover, trees, and mulch may alter your yard and make it look more attractive.

An appealing yard will help in the sale of your property by inviting buyers to imagine themselves spending some time outside throughout the nice seasons of the year.

You can do this yourself, or you can hire a professional landscaper to get the job done for you. Also, consider installing some yard lights, as some buyers can only drive around dark.

Night lighting may give your landscape a trendy, elegant, and nice appearance while increasing its worth. 

11. Making necessary toilet and bathroom repairs

Bathroom renovations, just like kitchen renovations with all-new showers, toilets, tubs, and cabinets, may be appealing to the new buyer of your property.

This may be essential to increase the value of your property, especially if they are outdated or in bad shape. A well-designed bathroom will be both useful and visually pleasing.

Little changes like painting the walls and fixing the tile grout can make a big difference. To restore the appearance of your bathroom, clean out and repair chips in the bathtub or sink.

Removing old light fixtures and replacing them with more user-friendly or energy-efficient alternatives are also advantageous in certain circumstances.

12. Flooring in the interior

It may sound unusual, but the floor is one of the first things buyers notice when they enter a home. People want this area to be modern, clean, and beautiful.

Your house will not benefit from old and musty carpets. Although hardwood floors are popular and easy to maintain, a good quality carpet may also be extremely appealing and create a cozy environment.

Be ready to repair any damage that has been made to your flooring, and be prepared to replace old carpets. 

13. Fixture for internal lighting 

Lighting fixtures vary widely in price, but if you have an old-fashioned hanging light with paper lampshades, it's certainly time to upgrade.

When selling your property, lighting is crucial since no buyer wants to live in a gloomy or dark environment.

Downlights may look great in most environments, and lighting may be utilized to highlight other home design items. Energy-efficient lighting increases the value of your home, so keep this in mind.