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Ultra Violet interiors

Ultra Violet – Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Promises Hope

Earlier today, Pantone Color Institute declared the color of 2018 to be – Ultra Violet! PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet comes from the cosmos, its mysteries and the hope that lies behind the limitless sky. It suggests that nothing is impossible if you keep on exploring, and feeds the desire to pursue a world beyond our own. It…

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SimpliSafe Home Security and Samsung Multiroom 360

Home Technology – Both Function and Style

Smart home devices are typically seen as an ugly addition to the home that should be covered up, so it doesn’t clash with the interior. However, gone are the days when you had to worry about hiding or avoiding tech in homes. Tech companies are welcoming the feedback to make these products more stylish so they can be reimagined…

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Why Every Interior Designer Needs a Blog

In this day and age, running a business without an online presence is borderline ridiculous. A website, blog and social media profiles are required even if you are running a local florist shop. And when it comes to interior design, the necessity of blogging skyrockets through the roof. It doesn’t matter if you are already…

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Rustic Farm Wedding Shimmering in Gold

Gold is having a moment right now, and when it comes to weddings, its style and elegance can hardly be topped. Versatile, fun and chic, this precious metal can add a luxurious touch to a rustic setting, and provide both texture and tone to the big day. Since featuring gold in the wedding color palettes is on the rise, we are…

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best interior design events for 2018

The Best Interior Design Events for 2018

Whether it’s business or pleasure, for those of us who are in love with a top-notch design, nothing is more fulfilling than visiting a great design event. It is a place where we can meet and exchange ideas and views with some of the best and boldest creatives in the world and enjoy their most innovative and exciting new designs…

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