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Interior Color Trends for 2020: Evolution of Blue | SampleBoard

When it comes to color, one of the all-time interior classics is set to become a huge buzz in the year ahead - blue. A color blue is always relevant as its wide range of hues offers so much diversity, making it easy for us to keep finding fresh and exciting alternatives to the overused shades of previous seasons. Since Pantone…

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Interior color trend: New Reds will shape 2020 | SampleBoard Blog

Interior color trend: New Reds will shape 2020

With a great comeback of color in interior design, we find ourselves ready to experiment with bold hues and more complex color schemes. The Millennial pink craze of recent years is gradually fading away, leaving space for more sophisticated and strong colors to emerge. Pinks are maturing and taking on a spicy coat to become…

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Interior color trends: Beige is back

After a decade of grey dominating the interior design world, we find ourselves desperately seeking warmer, more reassuring hues. Grey might still be the homeowners’ number one choice when it comes to neutrals, but we can sniff the change in the air and it smells so, so refreshing! The days of optimism and retromania are pushing…

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Hospitality Design Trends to Watch for in 2019/2020 - SampleBoard Blog

Hospitality Design Trends to Watch in 2019/2020

When it comes to the hospitality design - creating a unique look and experience is key to achieving business success in 2020! Learn more about hospitality design trends for 2019/2020 and discover some of the most beautiful hotels and restaurants out there.

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Wall Art Trends for 2019/2020: All You Need to Know About

There is nothing more personal and authentic than the art we select for our interiors. In 2019, we rely on our homes to help us express ourselves and remind us of our strivings and goals in life. The wall art says a lot about us and can do wonders in conveying our message and setting the desired mood for the space. That’s one…

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