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How to make professional interior design mood boards in minutes

How to create professional-looking mood boards in minutes

If you are wondering how to up your interior design mood boarding process and save time while not compromising on the quality, you came to the right place.

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Design Circle - Private, Peer-to-Peer Network You've Been Waiting For - SampleBoard

Design Circle – Private Designer Network You’ve Been Waiting For

We’ve loved and supported this extraordinary idea from its roots, so we teamed up with Design Circles' team to provide you with even more resources to grow! Together with our friends from Global Design Post, we came up with the offer we would like to share with you today!

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Why Holistic Interior Design is the Future of the Industry - SampleBoard Blog

Why Holistic Interior Design is the Future of the Industry

With the internet and social media, sourcing products and inspiration for interior design projects has never been easier. By following influencers they like, the general public can now easily copycat their homes and create their own versions of perfect Instagram feeds, one closely resembling another. Having this in mind,…

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Summer 2018 Interior Design Trend | Iberian Spirit - SampleBoard Blog

Summer 2018 Interior Design Trend | Iberian Spirit

Fresh summer look with a hint of nostalgic familiarity - what's not to love about this high summer trend of 2018?

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How to brand your interior design business like a pro - everything you need to know

How to Brand Your Interior Design Business Like a Pro

Your work is top-notch, but you are still struggling to score enough interior design clients. To make things even worse, the ones that stick around are often a nightmare to work with. It’s just the way things are when you are working with people, or is it?

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