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Japandi: The New Design Movement Taking Over the World by Storm

January 7, 2017

scandinavian wabi sabi japandi

One of the trends that we are looking forward this year is a stylistic fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian interior designs, otherwise called Japandi. It was only a matter of time when these two styles will join forces to create something truly unique. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese wabi-sabi (principle of finding beauty in imperfection) and Scandinavian clean, streamlined yet playful design, Japandi creates a soulful and unique interior design style that will change homes all around the world in 2017.

The Scandinavian Simplicity

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Top 3 Tips for Fledgling Interior Designers

July 22, 2016

Minimalist Interior Design Moodboard


The world of interior design is an ever-evolving industry. It is like the digital world where one needs to be constantly updated with the latest trends in order to keep the business running.

If you’re a fledgling interior designer and want to be successful in your chosen field, here are a few tips to get you started.

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The Image of Blogging Success // Increase Visual Value of Your Interior Design Blog

May 24, 2016

Moodboard created on


If an engaging picture is worth a thousand words, then a cool moodboard is worth at least a million, especially in the web world. Show, do not just talk: a post with quality pictures is by as many as 80% more likely to capture viewers’ attention, and it can also receive up to 40 times more shares on social platforms. For this reason, the amount of planning and effort which design-savvy interior design bloggers invest in visual blog components is often the same as (if not greater than) that which goes into the verbal aspect of their site. To ensure maximum visibility online, home décor bloggers often turn to moodboards, custom-created images, and collages, which offer a simple tool to boost interest among existing followers and attract new ones – and bloggers love traffic spikes more than anything else. Here are some ideas on how to create ravishing visuals for your blog that will increase the aesthetic appeal of your site and get more eyeballs on content online.


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SampleBoard & Pinterest

July 7, 2012

Sample board created by Rosena on using Pinterest pins

Have you joined the craze for Pinterest? Do love Pinterest? Did you know you can combine all your Pinterest pins onto a board using You can import pins and create collages. They work really well together. Read More has a whole new look, has been improved and rebranded

January 27, 2012

The team is buzzing with excitement SampleBoard has a cool new website. All of the best original features have been retained. But it just got a whole lot easier, faster and it is still the greenest way of creating great professional looking design concept boards.

Concept board created by Rosena on

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Interior Design Student Competition | Design an inspired space!

September 5, 2011

Calling all Students of Interior Design | Design an inspired space!

Create a sampleboard that reflects your ideas and best communicates your design interpretation of an inspired space. Your sampleboard should consist of a compilation of samples of fabric and wallcoverings swatches, lighting, materials, fittings, images, text, colour scheme, furniture, furnishings, and accessories – whatever inspires you.

The winner will receive a 3 month free Ultimate Creator Membership on as well as be featured on our blog and newsletter to the creative world of professional designers. Get your name out there as the new hot aspiring creative Interior Designer!

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Interior Design | Decorating with Color

July 7, 2011

SampleBoard created by Moira Mannen on

Talking about Tints: Interior Decoration Color Schemes

Color is considered by many to be the most important of the interior design elements. Color can create moods, make a room appear bigger or make a room appear colder or warmer. It is a powerful interior decorating tool. This article will give you some hints on how you can easily select the best colors for your interior decorating project and how to decorate with color.

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Client Presentations | Create Color Schemes in various Design Disciplines

July 5, 2011

SampleBoard created by Pixy Louise Smith on

Create a Color Scheme with your initial design presentation

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Contemporary Kitchen Design | Inspirational SampleBoard using CeasarStone

June 30, 2011

SampleBoard created by Moira Mannen on

Kitchen Design | Use fabulous finishes like CeasarStone

The most important thing to remember when designing your clients (or your own) kitchen are the finishes. Kitchen’s are always valued by which finishes you select so bare this in mind when designing a kitchen from scratch.

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Inspirational SampleBoard | Use nature as inspiration for design projects

June 28, 2011

Sampleboard created by Eileen Reiner on

‘Designers Block’ | Using nature to portray visual ideas

We all use design in our everyday life, we just don’t always realise its impact on us! We also know how important it is to get clients and colleagues on the same creative page quickly when working on a project.

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