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SampleBoard software available for Enterprise and Education

February 27, 2013

We are happy to share that SampleBoard, the digital mood board creator for the creative industries, are available to all Small Business, Enterprise & Education institutions.

For those of you not familiar with the product, we have created a cloud based digital mood board software which helps interior designers, fashion buyers, wedding planners, concept designers, trend forecasters and visual merchandisers create professional digital mood boards in a matter of minutes from any location.
We have helped thousands of designers create digital mood boards saving them valuable time and money as well  as this being the sustainable option, it also allows you to spend more time on the conceptual stage of the project as well as saving your work to our folder management system.
Check out the this video to get a feel for the editor – although interior design based, it applies to every creative field where mood boards are used to convey an initial visual concept.
For more information, please contact us through the form below, we would love to hear from you., Pinterest & Fashion: How to look like Kate the world’s best dressed women

August 21, 2012

If you are a student fashion designer, fashion designer or personal stylist then using SampleBoard and Pinterest is a great way to gather, develop and present your design ideas. The wonderful Pinterest and the excellent functionality of the brilliant SampleBoard work amazingly well together.

Fashion concept board created on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

I have created some fashion mood boards featuring Kate the Duchess of Cambridge using pins from Pinterest and the editor functions of the site. The boards can be used to help you ‘Get the look’ of Kate the best dressed women in the world. You can also have some fun playing around with SampleBoard and Pinterest. But be warned they are addictive. If you click on the boards you can find the links to the images used.

Fashion Concept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

In this week’s Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun there was a two page spread featuring Katherine Duchess of Cambridge. She has been named the world’s best dressed women. Kate has quickly become a global style icon. Her rise on the best dressed list has been amazing and much quicker than William’s mother Princess Diana.

Fashion concept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

The article interestingly highlights the colors she has chosen for her outfits over the past year. She refuses to use a personal stylist yet she has created an excellent range of well put together outfits creating her own unique style. Many of her outfits have been recycled.

Fashion concept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

Kate has chosen light nude tones, white, champagne, blush, beige and grey neutrals for 32 percent of her wardrobe. Her next favorite hue is blue which has made up of about 21%. Kate wears black and white or green about 9% of the time, pink 8% of the time, red 7% of the time, black or purple 4% of the time and brown 3% of the time. Kate is not afraid to buy outfits off the rack on the high street.

Fashion concept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

If you check out Kate’s choices; she tends to go for plain bold colors, she has added a few patterned outfits to her wardrobe, selects mainly nude, black and grey shoes and often does not wear a hat. During the day she lets her hair hang naturally. Occasionally Kate wears her hair in a simple sleek swept back style caught behind her ears and pinned. Kate like the style icon Princess Grace wears very little jewelry and her handbags tend to be small and discreet.

Kate does seem to also favor lace. I am laughing as I write thinking; she would win the approval of the vicar’s wife in the Jane Austin novel Emma. This snobby character stated Emma’s wedding to Mr. Knightly was not all it should be due to a lack of lace used in the bride’s gown. Love Jane Austin and remember comments like this. Back to Kate who really in my opinion deserves to be at the top of the best dressed list. I love her understated elegant look.

Author: Rosena MacFadzean for – concept creation online

How 2 capture some Grace Kelly style

May 12, 2012

Grace a great name for the graceful elegant woman Grace Kelly was. If you are too young to know who this icon of style was; Grace was an Oscar winning American actress in the 1950s. She gave up her career as a movie star to become a princess when she was 26. She had an understated glamour and was never flashy or provocative always the lady. We can learn so much from her quiet dignity and beautifully poised demeanor. She has always been on my most admired women list

Fashion mood board created by Rosena  on

So I was really excited to finally pay a visit to the Grace Kelly Style Icon Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery with a dear friend of mine. We had a wonderful time and were so in agreement about the styles we liked best. Our favorite designs were the tailored 1950/60 dresses, suits and coats. We preferred the delicate soft green, beige, light grays and pink colors of the clothes she worn in this era. We felt the styles and colors enhanced her delicate blond, blue eyed slender beauty.

Image via

The key to Grace’s style was simplicity and elegance. Vintage dressing is so in vogue at the moment and a few tips from the graceful Grace would I am sure help the eco friendly dresser to create her own elegant style.

She wore beautifully tailored suits and dresses with nipped in waists with straight but mostly flared skirts and few accessories; such as a string of pearls. Christian Dior was one of her favorite designers he is considered one of the most influential designers of the 1950s. His wasp-waisted, widely flared skirt designs suited Grace so well. Long elegant well fitted evening dresses like the one pictured in this blog were also a hallmark of her style.

Image via

At the Grace Kelly Style Icon exhibition haute couture gowns, hats, sunglasses and jewelry worn by Grace are on display. I must admit I did not like the hats very much. They reminded me of the sort of hats my granny wore. I’m not too fond of petal or floral hats. There were also some dresses from the 1970s I disliked, but then I would notice an image of Grace in the dress or some of the hats on display and had to change my mind. She transformed the clothing with her beauty and elegance.

Image via

To get the Grace Kelly look aim for simple elegant lines and few accessories. Discreet designs in delicate soft pastels teamed with pearls or no jewelry at all. Check out her favorite designers; Balenciaga, Givenchy, Yves St Laurent, Helen Rose and Channel particularly their designs during Grace’s era. Everything about Grace was understated.

Image via

Here are a number of words used to describe Grace immaculate taste, classic, luminous, sophisticated, beautiful, prefect, enchanting, serene, poised, effortlessly elegance and mysterious. The director Alfred Hitchcock said she had sexual elegance. Maybe it is the poised elegant mystic of Grace that still captures the imagination today.

Author: Rosena MacFadzean for – concept creation online

How to get the 1960s look now back in fashion

February 20, 2012

The swinging 60s fashion styles are swinging into the 2012 fashion scene.  The designers Calvin Klein, Jeremy Scott, Geoffrey Mac and Tommy Hilfiger all gave a nod to 60s style in New York fashion week. Klein created 60s style swing coats, Scott gave a nod to 60s pop art and Mac created giant backcombed 60s hair styles.

Twiggy’s 60s fashion style influenced Aussie label Romance Was Born’s new bold owl swift dress. In the Saturday’s Herald Sun Andy Burns quoted Anna Plukett as saying “….. The fabric silhouette and popping bright solid color palette reflects the mod era which we love”

When I went shopping yesterday I had a walk down memory lane when I spotted some Twiggy style shift dress’ in solid bold geometric designs. Giving my age away here, but I can’t help but be proud of the fact I was in England (a school girl) during the swinging 60s. What an exciting time it was. The new season of 2012 embraces a solid color palette in sleek paneled highlights accessorized with bold accessories.

Fashion concept board created by Rosena on

Celebrity stylist Franco Scifilliti shared some words of wisdom in the same article. He suggested 5 ways on ‘How to get the Twiggy look’. So here they are in my own words.

  1. Find a shift dress in an A-line or slightly fitted style. Solid colors or black and white (I have created the fashion concept board above to give you an idea)
  2. Short capes instead of coats will add to your swinging 60s style (Oh I remember my last winter in England my best friend’s Mum made me a grey wool cape with a bright red lining I worn this over a matching short slim fitting skirt. I thought I was lovely) Large buttons or toggles are the recommended trim.
  3. It is so important to choose the right accessories; opaque pantyhose (tights) in 70 or 100 denier. The best colors are bold for example red with a black outfit, midnight blue with red or white. Find some big pendants, enamel hoops; chunky jewellery is very much in fashion. For your head select a cap in the mod style. Large handbags in bold colors and geometric patterns similar to the dress styles would be right on song.
  4. For your feet knee-high boots in black or in a colored suede, patent or suede platform pumps. (Don’t you just love shoes?)
  5. Keep the whole look crisp and clean. Straight lines geometric shapes work best

Well that’s it I look forward to seeing how long the 60s styles stay in fashion. The great thing is they are often reinvented so even if they don’t last long they should be back soon.

Client Presentations | Create Color Schemes in various Design Disciplines

July 5, 2011

SampleBoard created by Pixy Louise Smith on

Create a Color Scheme with your initial design presentation

The easiest way to start designing a look and feel for a client is by getting the color scheme right from the beginning. By presenting various color schemes when pitching to a client it will give you a good indication of the feeling your client wants to create, be it an interior space, fashion collection, graphic brochure or website layout…

Most creative design disciplines require some sort of color scheme when creating an initial design – may it be by using paint swatches, fabric samples, HEX or RGB color codes. Color schemes are useful in any design presentation.

SampleBoard created by Pixy Louise Smith on

Designers in various design disciplines can easily create their own color palette on by following these steps.

Check out’s Creative Community for more inspirational ideas on how to create beautiful sampleboard presentations.

Inspirational SampleBoard | Use nature as inspiration for design projects

June 28, 2011

Sampleboard created by Eileen Reiner on

‘Designers Block’ | Using nature to portray visual ideas

We all use design in our everyday life, we just don’t always realise its impact on us! We also know how important it is to get clients and colleagues on the same creative page quickly when working on a project.

Nothing does this better than an inspirational concept/mood or sampleboard. Whether designing interiors, capturing trends or creating colour schemes or themes – sampleboards capture visual ideas.

All of us sometimes suffer from ‘designers block’, on these days try using nature to stimulate your creative process, you’ll be amazed how fast a beautiful old tree trunk turns into the inspiration for your look and feel concept like the Inspirational SampleBoard created by Eileen. allows you to save time, energy, money and the environment by creating digital sampleboards, from the comfort of your own creative space…

Fashion Design | Inspirational moodboard

June 1, 2011

SampleBoard created by Pixy Louise Smith on

Do you wish to express your creative ideas visually?

SampleBoard offers a simple, powerful design tool for creatives from all fields that helps you produce better work more quickly and effectively.

Boasting an image library of over 30,000 images, as well as being able to import your own images, you can then export your moodboards into a variety of formats.

Plus it’s a social networking community exclusive to the creative industries that will enable you to feed off each other’s ideas and inspirations and get a feel for design in other countries! serves many different mediums of creative expression!

Check out for other inspirational moodboards in the Creative Community, plus sign up for free to give it a go!

Visual inspiration | Create moodboards for conceptual portrayal or for bold visual statements

May 23, 2011

Moodboard created by Pixy Louise Smith on

A moodboard is a mixed media collage of visually appealing images that are meant to invoke your creative juices.

We all use design in our every-day life,  jump start your creativity by combining images quickly and easily into digital moodboards using the SampleBoard web editor, organizing all the things that inspire you.

Recommended soundtrack: Bjork – All is Full of Love

Tips and tricks to a better moodboard | Using the drop-shadow tool to create depth

May 16, 2011

Moodboard created on

The SampleBoard web editor has various different image-editing tools to create fabulous moodboards with. (Watch our guided tutorial video for a quick tour on the basic functionalities and features).

Simply drag-and-drop images from the navigator over to the moodboard canvas. Once there, you can move the items around, resize them by dragging on the small squares at each corner, rotate, crop, blur, clone, reflect etc.

One of the most popular tools, the drop shadow can be used to create a shadow behind your image and make it pop up from the background, and if used right, it will add natural emphasis to your moodboard image, as seen in the “monochromatic fashion” moodboard above. You can change the angle of the drop shadow as well as the distance, opacity and colour.

Tooltip: choosing a low opacity setting for your drop shadow will create a drop shadow that is softer and more transparent.

For more tips and tricks in creating beautiful moodboards of your own, visit and check out the other cool image-editing tools here.

Fashion Design | How to create a digital moodboard

May 14, 2011

Moodboard created by Pixy Louise Smith on

How to create a digital moodboard

Using the SampleBoard web editor, you are able to combine images easily and beautifully into digital moodboards. The web editor allows you to quickly and easily pull together design trends, colour schemes, textures and products via a convenient drag-and-drop function, using the rich editing toolset with over 30,000 product images from the library or your own images uploaded onto the system from your personal profile.

Simply drag-and-drop images from the navigator (the organize, create and share menus on the right-hand side of your web page) over to the moodboard canvas. Once there, you can move the items around, resize them by dragging on the small squares at each corner, rotate, crop, blur, clone, reflect etc. Once you are happy with your moodboard, you can publish it with a title to the creative community or use the other share options from the share menu in the navigator.

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