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Video tutorial // How to create a digital mood board in minutes

September 3, 2015

Watch this short video tutorial to get a feel for the SampleBoard software program.

SampleBoard software available for Enterprise and Education

February 27, 2013

We are happy to share that SampleBoard, the digital mood board creator for the creative industries, are available to all Small Business, Enterprise & Education institutions.

For those of you not familiar with the product, we have created a cloud based digital mood board software which helps interior designers, fashion buyers, wedding planners, concept designers, trend forecasters and visual merchandisers create professional digital mood boards in a matter of minutes from any location.
We have helped thousands of designers create digital mood boards saving them valuable time and money as well  as this being the sustainable option, it also allows you to spend more time on the conceptual stage of the project as well as saving your work to our folder management system.
Check out the this video to get a feel for the editor – although interior design based, it applies to every creative field where mood boards are used to convey an initial visual concept.
For more information, please contact us through the form below, we would love to hear from you.

SampleBoard joins the V&A celebration party for British Design

July 31, 2012

It really is a great year for the British. The Victoria and Albert museum is celebrating with an exhibition of British Design 1948 to 2012. With over 300 designs on show I thought I would join the party and do my own little salute to British design in this blog.

Concept board created by Rosena on

Robin Day an industrial and furniture designer is best known for his 1960s Hille Polypropylene chairs which went on to be named a British design classic in 2009. He was married to the award winning British textile designer Lucienne Day. Her fabric designs were bright abstracts. One of her most famous prints was ‘Calyx’

The designer Tom Dixon started experimenting with metal in the 1980s. In 2002 the Tom Dixon British design and manufacturing lighting and Furniture Company was established with the aim of reviving British furniture design. Just love Dixon lights. In the board above I have featured a Robin Day chair, Lucienne Day fabric and Tom Dixon light fittings.

Board inspired by English Country Style created by Rosena on SampleBoard

After the war British homes became more open plan and casual; British designers were influenced by Scandinavian furniture designers. Also emerging at that time was a new English country house style influenced by Georgian and Regency styles a forte of interior designer John Fowler. He used luxurious swag and tails curtain designs and modern fabrics based on traditional patterns with a contemporary slant. The Architectural Digest refers to him as ‘Master of sublime comforts of the English country house’.

If you go to the Victoria and Albert Museum website you can download information on the exhibition. It is well worth a visit.

Author: Rosena MacFadzean for – concept creation online

Garden Design, & Pinterest

July 23, 2012

A classy garden masterpiece can be created using classic French furniture and classic style urns and other garden accessories. Use gentle soft whites, creams, beige and grey to add a sense of serenity and peace. The essence of this style of garden is the tranquility achieved from the use of white and cream flowers with gentle green foliage.

Concept  board created by Rosena on

Also a garden can easily be brought up to date by adding some quirky garden furniture. Bold colors and contemporary styles can made an ordinary garden space unexpected, extraordinary and fun. The great thing about using furniture to update a landscape is it can easily be changed and updated again and again. If you often like to change the interior spaces that flow into your garden space this could be a great option for you.

Concept board created by Rosena on

For a more dramatic effect you can use black, dark grey and a variation of texture. Outdoor fireplaces are very much in vogue and strong color variation, different patterns and textures add to the drama. Gardens with outdoor fireplaces are obviously designed for use at night as well as during the day.

Concept board created by Rosena on

My brother recently had a Christmas in July party with the outside fireplace as a feature. Unfortunately we were unable to be there. Will be there next year; Christmas in Aussie land is during the summer. Although I have been here for years I miss the white Christmases of Europe. My husband laughs when I say I want to experience another white Christmas he thinks I would not cope with the cold. Maybe not, my niece spent two years in Europe she was so excited to see snow for the first time but she said she actually cried with the cold.

A family winter wonderland scene in England

In this blog I have created some garden mood boards combining some wonderful pins from Pinterest and the brilliant editor features and images of I can’t get over how they work together so well. It is easy to create excellent eco friendly concept boards using these highly compatible sites. If you are an interior or fashion designer, decorator, wedding planner or landscape designer you too can create professional looking concept/mood/sample boards by starting a account. You can then upload images from your Pinterest account to add to the boards with just a click of the mouse. Hope you have as much fun as I am combining the excellent Pinterest and the brilliant

 Author: Rosena MacFadzean for – concept creation online

SampleBoard & Pinterest

July 7, 2012

Sample board created by Rosena on using Pinterest pins

Have you joined the craze for Pinterest? Do love Pinterest? Did you know you can combine all your Pinterest pins onto a board using You can import pins and create collages. They work really well together.

Sample board created by Rosena on using Pinterest pins

The advantage of uploading pins from Pinterest into your library; they can then be easily transferred to any sample board you are creating. There are a number of things you can do with the images to enhance your mood board design. For example you can copy them, crop the image to remove part of the image, flip the image or move the image behind or in front of other items.

Board created on by Rosena on using Pinterest pins

You can also remove the background from the image and one of my favorite edit tools is the text tool which enables you to write on your board. And there’s much more the edits I have mentioned are only some of the basic tools available on

Sample Board created by Rosena on using Pinterest pins

Combining the brilliance of Pinterest with the diversity of the SampleBoard editor is not only fun but enables you to create professional looking concept and mood boards. Why not give it a try it is only a button away. Also note if you click on any of the boards in this blog you will find a list of suppliers and the link to the Pinterest pins.

Follow us on Pinterest for inspirational pins & great interior ideas!

  Concept board created by Rosena on using Pinterest pins

Author: Rosena MacFadzean for – concept creation online has a whole new look, has been improved and rebranded

January 27, 2012

The team is buzzing with excitement SampleBoard has a cool new website. All of the best original features have been retained. But it just got a whole lot easier, faster and it is still the greenest way of creating great professional looking design concept boards.

Concept board created by Rosena on

The original site was launched in 2010. The aim of the creation; designed by designers for designers was to digitize the process of making sample boards. The traditional way of creating sample boards took a lot of running around, time and energy. I remember days of driving around for hours in and out of the car in the Queensland heat.  I love SampleBoard because it is eco-friendly and time efficient.

              Concept board created by Rosena on

Interior designers, decorators, landscape designers, fashion designers and wedding planners can create design concept boards using the extensive library of images and/or easily upload their own images. SampleBoard is also a great place to interact with other designers and share ideas.

Concept board created by Rosena on

In this blog I have included examples of my first adventures on the new site. The best way to really view the changes is to have ago. Please let us know what you think we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Concept board created by Rosena on

Announcing the winners | SampleBoard competitions

November 2, 2011

It is with great pleasure we announce the winners of two 3 months FREE memberships to SampleBoard‘s Ultimate Creator. Over the past few months SampleBoard has been receiving brilliant entries to the two competitions featuring interior design and wedding planning mood boards. The first one open to all contenders ‘Vintage Inspired Wedding’ and the second one for student designers ‘Design an Inspired Space’.

Winners of 3 months FREE membership to SampleBoard’s Ultimate Creator

The SampleBoard team would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry. The standard of the interior design and wedding planning mood boards was very high and the results very very close. So ‘Drum Roll’ please as I announce the first winner. The ‘Vintage Inspired Wedding’ winner is (long pause……) Chanel Willard for her board ‘Wedding’.

Winning Wedding moodboard created by Chanel on

The ‘Vintage Inspired Wedding’ winner

The board designs were judged on color, design, theme and the use of the sampleboard digital editor tools. Chanel created her own color palette with the eyedropper and shape tools. The board was very well designed and the vintage theme was subtly expressed.  She also made use of the opacity and drop shadow tool. Well done Chanel we look forward to seeing more of your inspired creations. Enjoy your membership.

Wedding Planning moodboard created by Mane Carrion on

The boards were judge on color, design and theme.

A very close second was the excellent board ‘Vintage Gold’ created by Mane Carrion. The warm colored beautifully designed board is brilliant. Mane’s use of the editor tools for example the eraser tool is inspired. Many of her boards posted in the creative community are works of art we can all learn from.

The Design Student winner of ‘Design an Inspired Space’

The design student winner is (long pause……) Kathleen Cracknell an interior design student from Canada for her board ‘Seeking Serenity’. Kathleen created an excellent contrasting color scheme the blue reflecting the serenity of the title. Her board design was exceptional. Kathleen was one of the few who used the eyedropper and shape tools. These tools allowed her to create frames for some of her images. Well done Kathleen we hope you take advantage of your free membership and continue to enjoy creating excellent sample boards.

Winning Design sample board created by Kathleen on

A close second in the ‘Design an Inspired Space’ competition is Joanne Du Bois for her board ‘Bathroom’. This board has been excellently designed and the color selections are wonderful. Joanne has made great use of the text tool and the drop shadow tools on the digital editor. Joanne has been designing sample boards of a very high standard.

Interior Design sample board created by Joanne on

Congratulations Chanel and Kathleen your interior design and wedding planning moodboards are excellent examples of how sample boards can be used to enhance design presentations. Well done!

Keep on creating!

The SampleBoard team


Celebrating yellow | Cape Town selected as World Design Capital 2014

October 26, 2011

SampleBoard is great for designing images for social media campaigns and presentations too!

Yellow is the colour of hope and positivity, and today it is also the colour of celebration for the City of Cape Town as it was announced as the World Design Capital 2014.

As yellow is one of the three primary colours, so too was Cape Town one of three cities shortlisted for the prestigious title of World Design Capital 2014. The colour yellow has been splashed all over the mother city in the past few months as Cape Town ran a Facebook campaign titled ‘Find Your Yellow’, including the yellow support badge and other yellow inspired paraphenalia.

Yellow inspired moodboard created on feels inspired by the City of Cape Town’s bold use of yellow and we thought we’d honour it with an expression of all tones and types of yellow and yellow-inspired images!

You can create you own inspirational image board by signing up here!

Interior Design | Decorating with Color

July 7, 2011

SampleBoard created by Moira Mannen on

Talking about Tints: Interior Decoration Color Schemes

Color is considered by many to be the most important of the interior design elements. Color can create moods, make a room appear bigger or make a room appear colder or warmer. It is a powerful interior decorating tool. This article will give you some hints on how you can easily select the best colors for your interior decorating project and how to decorate with color.

Color is a fascinating subject. Did you know – the most popular car colors are the least safe?  Ancient Greek temples were originally brightly painted? The apparent length of a committee meeting can depend on the colors used to decorate the room it is held in? These facts indicate the power of color and why it is important to select the right color.

Colors are basically light or dark, warm or cool. Light and cool colors tend to recede (when used on the walls of a room they can make the walls appear to move out) and can make a room appear bigger. Dark and warm colors appear to advance into a room and can make a room appear smaller.

SampleBoard created by Moira Mannen on

Decorating with Color

When you are selecting a color for a room there are three main things you need to consider. The first one is the aspect of the room. This is the position of the room in relate to the sun. Does the room face the sun or not. Rooms that get a lot of sunlight can appear hot. Rooms that get little or no sunlight can appear cool. If you want a room that gets a lot of sunlight to appear cooler then use cool colors from the green or blue family of colors. If you have a room that gets no sunlight and you want it to appear warmer then use warm colors from the red, yellow orange family.

The second consideration is your personal preference. The color selected should suit your personality. If your favorite color is blue but the room you are decorating appears cool using your favorite color could create a problem. Blue could make a room a room that gets no sun appear cool. To overcome this challenge you could use a warm color (for example orange) tinted to appear nearly neutral on the walls. Then use your favorite blue color in other items in the room.

All colors can be tinted. To create a tint of a color all you need to do is add white. Tinted colors have white added to make them appear lighter. The third thing to consider when selecting colors for a room is the size and shape of the room. If the room is small light colors can make it appear bigger. If a room is large warm colors can make it appear smaller. If the room is very long and narrow the short walls can be painted in a darker or warmer color than the color used on the longer walls. This will make to shorter walls appear to advance into the room in comparison to the longer walls, making the room appear shorter and wider.

Test your color schemes on our interior design moodboard editor now to see which colors are best to use for different parts of the room.

Author: Rosena MacFadzean for

Client Presentations | Create Color Schemes in various Design Disciplines

July 5, 2011

SampleBoard created by Pixy Louise Smith on

Create a Color Scheme with your initial design presentation

The easiest way to start designing a look and feel for a client is by getting the color scheme right from the beginning. By presenting various color schemes when pitching to a client it will give you a good indication of the feeling your client wants to create, be it an interior space, fashion collection, graphic brochure or website layout…

Most creative design disciplines require some sort of color scheme when creating an initial design – may it be by using paint swatches, fabric samples, HEX or RGB color codes. Color schemes are useful in any design presentation.

SampleBoard created by Pixy Louise Smith on

Designers in various design disciplines can easily create their own color palette on by following these steps.

Check out’s Creative Community for more inspirational ideas on how to create beautiful sampleboard presentations.

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