Interior Trends: Pink and Green Love Affair

May 9, 2017

color trends

We are going to devote this week to colors that took over the world of interior design this, as well as last year – pink and green. Also, we are going to show you how these colors would look if combined together in a single room. The unusual couple stole our hearts in a heartbeat, so we had to play with it in our mood board creator. Keep reading and you will discover what we came up with.

As you may already know, one of last year’s Pantone colors of the year was Rose Quartz. Although it seemed that implementing this sweet and sensitive hue in interiors is going to be a bold move, it turned out that the whole world went crazy over it. Overnight, it became such a buzz word and a must have in the field of interior design. It was popping up everywhere and it seemed that the whole Pinterest was turning pink. However, this year’s Pantone color of the year, Greenery, isn’t even nearly successful in charming the designers as its predecessor. The vibrant shade is, in most cases, too heavy and overwhelming, so it takes some serious knowledge and guts to implement it in more than accents. What it did is make us think about it and aimed the industry in the direction of color green.

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Interior Trends: Go Green

April 30, 2017

interior trend plant

As we entered the 21st century, cars and appliances aren’t the only things that have rapidly started jumping into the “green” realm! Entire homes have been following this trend with the same pace by introducing solar panels, tankless water heaters and double-paned glass. However, more recently, aesthetics jumped on the  ”green” waggon too as more and more interior designers seem to be turning to Mother Nature for inspiration, so now, choosing eco-friendly options for the interior doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on the aesthetic front.

With these tips, you won’t just be taking the beauty of your home into consideration but also your well-being.

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Symmetry – The Key to Every Good Interior Design

April 22, 2017

The Key to Every Good Interior Design

Have you ever asked yourself what is the first thing that strikes you when you enter a room that is just perfectly designed? Well, it’s obviously the gorgeous color scheme, the fabulous furniture, charming decoration, but believe it or not, consciously or subconsciously, it’s also a room’s symmetry. But why is that? First of all, it gives off a sense of balance which in turn has a peaceful and pleasing effect on us. Secondly, symmetry is all around us, from the arrangement of branches on a tree to our own bodies, therefore our brains are used to it.

Because balance is a fundamental design principle it doesn’t bypass any style out there whether it’s Mid-century modern, Industrial, Scandinavian or Bohemian.  No room would be complete without a certain amount of symmetry.

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Escapism at Its Finest – Create a Stunning Outdoor Sanctuary

April 14, 2017

patio furniture

Once the clock strikes 5 pm on Friday afternoon, we say – no more. No more tasks, no more meetings, no more stress; all we’re left to do now is survive the rush hour and arrive home, drop our keys on the hallway cabinet, take off our shoes, get into our cozy crocks and hit the back door to get to our heavenly sanctuary, where we’ll forget all about the troubles of our everyday lives (at least for two days, that is).

But can you truly recharge your batteries while there’s no comfortable furniture to throw yourself onto; when the rakes and other gardening tools are just laying around; or without ambient light to warm up the evening atmosphere? No, you most certainly cannot.

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Equestrian Chic Interiors

April 7, 2017

horse country chic

Although it’s been around for hundreds of years, the equestrian style still ranks high on the trend radar. When it comes to fashion, people are drawn to the clean and dignified lines of its clothing, always flattering and timelessly classic. Many luxury labels (Hermès, Gucci, Ralph Lauren) are jumping on the trend-wagon resulting in a worldwide rise in sales. Horse-inspired items are conquering hearts and closets of many, establishing the equestrian lifestyle.

But the renaissance in classic equestrian chic didn’t hit only the fashion industry. Horses are making a big comeback in the home interiors as well. Horses have always been the symbol of power and wealth, reminding us of British aristocrats, a tradition of hunting and horse racing. Thanks to Ralph Lauren, this idealized world of the leisure class is having a major moment in American homes as we speak.

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Trend Alert: Moroccan-Inspired Interiors

April 1, 2017

Moroccan design

Moroccan home décor style resumes its former glory as one of the most popular interior design trends this season. While Moroccan style was mostly used as an inspiration for architectural purposes a few years back, this year, its warmth, texture, and intricate patterns are also dominant features of home decor. If you like this kind of aesthetics, it’s worth mentioning that you can easily transform your own interior in a Moroccan-inspired way, even if you’re on a budget. If you want to learn more about introducing a touch of exotic Morocco style into your own home, keep on reading.

1. Living room

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Dying Over Ethnic Rugs

March 23, 2017

ethnic rugs

Characterized by unique textural and color combinations and abundance of organic materials, eclectic collector home style crosses the boundaries of culture, geography, and design epochs. Creativity is integral to luxe bohemian décor: for eclectic-minded designers, stylistic conventions are more of a broad signpost than a set of unbending rules, and the main focus of decorating attention is shifted to the eccentric, the reinterpreted, and the re-imagined. From ground up, homes styled following in global traveler’s footprints exude originality, buoyancy, and inimitable charisma that comes from ingenious amalgamation of elements. For this reason, rugs used to achieve the recognizable luxury bohemian look often feature ethnic prints, or are crafted from natural materials, or even tastefully layered for increased aesthetic value.

Minimalism streaked with ethnic vibes

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Trend Alert: Botanical Craze

March 14, 2017

botanical trend

For several years now Mother Nature has been slowly sneaking back into our interiors. Plants, botanical wallpapers, prints and graphic art are conquering our homes in a great style. Besides the aesthetic value, giving the interior new character and making it feel more lively, they also have a positive effect on our body and soul. While plants release oxygen and clean the air, plant motifs clarify our minds making us more productive and concentrated.


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Reasons to Hire an Online Interior Designer

March 7, 2017


Hiring a traditional interior designer is a luxury that most people simply cannot afford.  In addition to being expensive, it is not particularly convenient. You will have to line up your schedules with the designer, find time to have him/her come to your house to examine it and sink hours into meeting before even seeing the first mood board. Luckily, like in most businesses, the Internet naturally found its way into the world of interior design and changed the whole game.
eDesign, a term normally used for online interior designing and consultations, has made this service available to a substantial number of people and we are going to show you how and why.

A more reasonable price

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All the Colors of the Year 2017

March 1, 2017

At the end of 2016, the world’s top paint production companies declared their 2017 colors of the year. You are obviously not going to repaint your whole house or change the furniture to match the trends of each passing season, but you are without a doubt already seeing these shades pop up all around you starting from your favorite furniture store to Pinterest. Let’s have a glance at some of these new trendy colors for the current year.

Pantone inspired by Nature

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