Common Decorating Mistakes Even Designers Make

February 21, 2017

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We’ve all browsed Pinterest in search for inspiration and new ideas for decorating our home and have seen countless living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms that look astonishing. But as much as we try, we simply cannot replicate their style in our homes. There is always something missing, the room just doesn’t have that glow like in the photos. What most people don’t understand is that the catch is in detail and sometimes it takes a very keen and experienced eye to notice this. There are dozens of small decisions that go into styling the perfect home such as finding the right lighting, hanging pictures at the right height, not over-furnishing a room, choosing the right rug size etc. Let’s take a look at some common decorating mistakes almost everyone makes when designing their interiors.

Start by creating a plan

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6 Tips for Creating and Presenting a Design Board to Your Interior Design Client

December 26, 2016

Tips for Creating and Presenting a Design Board to Your Interior Design Client

The first step of a successful design project is coming up with an inspiring idea. Great ideas are hard to come by, and if you have got one, you are already halfway through. Still, there is the lion’s share of work ahead, and that is successfully presenting your idea to a client. Fortunately, unlike coming up with the design, presenting it is not a matter of creativity and talent, rather a matter of learning and knowledge. Although all interior designers have different approaches to projects, there are some usual guidelines that should help you find your way.

Content Is the Key

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How to create a colour inspiration board

September 17, 2015

colour inspiration board


In this colour inspiration board I used the following tools and techniques in the SampleBoard editor.

  1. Print-quality portrait canvas size
  2. “Pinter Etsy” style template
  3. Built-in search the web keyword search “pastels” to find pastel-inspired images
  4. ColourLovers to find pastel colour swatches
  5. Shape tool to create the circle
  6. Text tool

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How to use the Background Clipper

September 3, 2015

Similar to using a clipping path in Photoshop, you can remove the background of an image using the Background Clipper tool in the Basic Edits menu within the editor. You will find the tool near the bottom of the Basic Edits menu.



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How to use the Templates tool

September 3, 2015

Templates makes it simple for you to drag and drop images into pre-designed layouts. You can pick from a variety of template layouts to suit your style. Just make sure to drag and drop a few images onto your canvas first before applying a layout.

Watch this short tutorial on how to use your cursor to move the image into position.

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SlideShare // Key features of SampleBoard

September 3, 2015

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Video tutorial // How mood boards can save you time + money

September 3, 2015

Watch this short video to see how SampleBoard can save you time and money in the beginning stages of your creative project.

Video tutorial // How to create a digital mood board in minutes

September 3, 2015

Watch this short video tutorial to get a feel for the SampleBoard software program.

Digital mood board creation software

September 3, 2015

SampleBoard enables you to create digital mood boards in minutes and thus share your conceptual, visual ideas with colleagues and clients in the early stages of a creative project!


Digital mood board creation software - SampleBoard


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How to use the Search the Web tool

September 1, 2015



Build  your image library

The first step to creating your mood board is to collect various images. These images could be hosted on a variety of platforms like your computer, the web, social media accounts like Pinterest, Flickr or Picasa. SampleBoard allows you to import from these platforms so that all your images are saved in one place. But today I’ll be discussing how to use the search the web functionality to your advantage when sharing your vision with clients.


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