Suave and snug: Living room design daydreams

July 13, 2016

Living room daydream moodboard


Living rooms aren’t just private spots to plunk down after a long day and turn on the TV: they’re also the place for quality family time, friendly get-togethers, and solitary weekend afternoons spent pursuing creative hobbies. Their mixed-use nature makes sitting rooms one of the most important areas in every home, which is all the more reason to invest special attention into living room design. As for me, I’m a huge fan of imaginative décor tryouts, and after years of experimenting, I think I’ve finally managed to put together a living room out of my dreams.


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The Image of Blogging Success // Increase Visual Value of Your Interior Design Blog

May 24, 2016

Moodboard created on


If an engaging picture is worth a thousand words, then a cool moodboard is worth at least a million, especially in the web world. Show, do not just talk: a post with quality pictures is by as many as 80% more likely to capture viewers’ attention, and it can also receive up to 40 times more shares on social platforms. For this reason, the amount of planning and effort which design-savvy interior design bloggers invest in visual blog components is often the same as (if not greater than) that which goes into the verbal aspect of their site. To ensure maximum visibility online, home décor bloggers often turn to moodboards, custom-created images, and collages, which offer a simple tool to boost interest among existing followers and attract new ones – and bloggers love traffic spikes more than anything else. Here are some ideas on how to create ravishing visuals for your blog that will increase the aesthetic appeal of your site and get more eyeballs on content online.


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Wedding Inspiration Board // Pastels

September 17, 2015

pastel wedding inspiration board created on

How to create a colour inspiration board

September 17, 2015

pastel color inspiration board created on


In this colour inspiration board I used the following tools and techniques in the SampleBoard editor.

  1. Print-quality portrait canvas size
  2. “Pinter Etsy” style template
  3. Built-in search the web keyword search “pastels” to find pastel-inspired images
  4. ColourLovers to find pastel colour swatches
  5. Shape tool to create the circle
  6. Text tool

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How to use the Search the Web tool

September 1, 2015


Build  your image library

The first step to creating your mood board is to collect various images. These images could be hosted on a variety of platforms like your computer, the web, social media accounts like Pinterest, Flickr or Picasa. SampleBoard allows you to import from these platforms so that all your images are saved in one place. But today I’ll be discussing how to use the search the web functionality to your advantage when sharing your vision with clients.


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Opposites Attract: Using A Color Wheel to Professionally Transform A Room

July 21, 2015

complimentory color mood board - turquoise and orange. Created on

Opposites Attract: Using A Color Wheel to Professionally Transform A Room by Paisley Hansen

Spring is a time of awakening and transformation, much like a butterfly. The season brings with it a collage of vibrant colors from fresh green grass and bright blue skies to sprouting tulips and blooming azaleas. Why not breathe some new life into your living spaces, too, with a minimalist and professional look? Perhaps all you need are updated accessories and complimentary wall paint. Maybe take it a step further by replacing old lighting fixtures with a unique chandelier, or swap out a worn out door with an attractive barn door track system. You can do it all on your own. Before you head to the store get a little help with a tool that is essential to professional painters and decorators the color wheel.

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How to use Design Details and Art to Convey Design Intent

March 30, 2015

Rustic Details in Interior Design mood board created on

Break Away From Convention and Choose Art by Paisley Hansen

When you want to make your home look beautiful, you can use artsy ideas that will turn your home into a gorgeous landscape of colors and designs.  You need to think outside the box when you are creating these designs, but you can use a design that matches the intent you have for the house.  Make a choice and stick to that design philosophy.

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Weddings // Outdoor Bridal Shower Ideas

October 8, 2014

Peach mint bridal shower mood board created on

Peach & mint bridal shower mood board – click on board for links

Throwing an Outdoor Bridal Shower
 by Paisley Hansen

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Summer Home Inspiration // Nordic Design

August 18, 2014

Nordic Summer Home Interior Moodboard created on

Summer Home Inspiration // Nordic Design – click on mood board for item links

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Colour Combo // Blush and Copper

July 29, 2014

Blush Copper Interior Decorating Mood Board - created on


Colour Combo // Blush and Copper – click on mood board for item links

Beautiful pinks, dusty rose, soft blush, rose golds and trendy copper… what’s not to love? This colour combo just works no matter what. Check out how you can incorporate it into your interior.

Blush and Copper Interior - SampleBoard Blog

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