Japandi: The New Design Movement Taking Over the World by Storm

January 7, 2017

scandinavian wabi sabi japandi

One of the trends that we are looking forward this year is a stylistic fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian interior designs, otherwise called Japandi. It was only a matter of time when these two styles will join forces to create something truly unique. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese wabi-sabi (principle of finding beauty in imperfection) and Scandinavian clean, streamlined yet playful design, Japandi creates a soulful and unique interior design style that will change homes all around the world in 2017.

The Scandinavian Simplicity

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Where Design Eras Collide: Modern, Vintage or Both?

December 16, 2016

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Vintage seems to be the new black in the interior design world, and retro-inspired elements are taking chic living areas by a storm these days. Still, a vintage home makeover should be handled with special care to avoid extreme stylistic contrasts and excess visual detail. To stay on the safe side of the timeless décor formula, turn to exquisite blends of classic and modern elements and spice up home aesthetics with a few playful boho, Nordic, or eclectic traveler touches. Here are a few simple tips to help you come up with an evergreen yet up-to-date décor masterpiece.

Build from Mid-Century Barebones

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How to Decorate with Pale Pink

August 2, 2016

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Light pink tends to be associated with retro decor, children’s rooms, or antiquated bed and breakfast furnishings. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s good news for lovers of this gentle color. Rose Quartz was named Pantone Color of the Year in 2016 and is cropping up to show its sophisticated side. Home decor enthusiasts can use this as an opportunity to re-brand the “girly” hue as something a little more versatile.

So forget the doilies and roses. Instead, check out fresher takes on pale pink from Home Improvement Leads.

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Top 3 Tips for Fledgling Interior Designers

July 22, 2016

Minimalist Interior Design Moodboard


The world of interior design is an ever-evolving industry. It is like the digital world where one needs to be constantly updated with the latest trends in order to keep the business running.

If you’re a fledgling interior designer and want to be successful in your chosen field, here are a few tips to get you started.

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Suave and snug: Living room design daydreams

July 13, 2016

Living room daydream moodboard


Living rooms aren’t just private spots to plunk down after a long day and turn on the TV: they’re also the place for quality family time, friendly get-togethers, and solitary weekend afternoons spent pursuing creative hobbies. Their mixed-use nature makes sitting rooms one of the most important areas in every home, which is all the more reason to invest special attention into living room design. As for me, I’m a huge fan of imaginative décor tryouts, and after years of experimenting, I think I’ve finally managed to put together a living room out of my dreams.


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Opposites Attract: Using A Color Wheel to Professionally Transform A Room

July 21, 2015

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Opposites Attract: Using A Color Wheel to Professionally Transform A Room by Paisley Hansen

Spring is a time of awakening and transformation, much like a butterfly. The season brings with it a collage of vibrant colors from fresh green grass and bright blue skies to sprouting tulips and blooming azaleas. Why not breathe some new life into your living spaces, too, with a minimalist and professional look? Perhaps all you need are updated accessories and complimentary wall paint. Maybe take it a step further by replacing old lighting fixtures with a unique chandelier, or swap out a worn out door with an attractive barn door track system. You can do it all on your own. Before you head to the store get a little help with a tool that is essential to professional painters and decorators the color wheel.

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7 Mid-Century Modern Interiors We Love

May 20, 2015

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7 Mid-Century Modern Interiors We Love By Jane Blanchard

When done correctly, a mid-century modern design aesthetic, with its bold graphic designs, clean lines and bold colors, can make any room a show-stopper. But these same characteristics can make decorating with a mid-century modern theme quite intimidating. Get some inspiration by checking out some of these well-appointed retro rooms.

1. Mid-Century Modern Meets Beach House

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How to use Design Details and Art to Convey Design Intent

March 30, 2015

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Break Away From Convention and Choose Art by Paisley Hansen

When you want to make your home look beautiful, you can use artsy ideas that will turn your home into a gorgeous landscape of colors and designs.  You need to think outside the box when you are creating these designs, but you can use a design that matches the intent you have for the house.  Make a choice and stick to that design philosophy.

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Tips for a Minimalist Living Room

February 13, 2015


Steps to an uncluttered living room by Paisley Hansen

The living room is an area where the family retreats to be able to relax and spend time together. If the room becomes too cluttered, it is no longer somewhere that you will feel relaxed, but rather, would feel anxious or unclean. Clutter can lead to bad feelings, therefore it should be eliminated from the living room (and other rooms, of course) so that the area can be enjoyed. There are several ways that clutter can be removed from the living room area, while keeping it attractive with simplistic decor.

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The Elusive Uncluttered Office: What You Can Do to Achieve It

December 2, 2014

home office organization mood board

Steps to an uncluttered, productive home office by Paisley Hansen

Home offices can become catch-alls for things that do not really belong there. When they end up cluttered, it can be distracting and interfere with productivity. That interference can be in the form of logistically getting in the way. Alternately, it can be in the form of being visually distracting. Here are some steps to get the clutter under control.

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